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How to Make a Great Recruitment Ad Business will not function without employees. Employees take care of all the company operations. In other words, business will not function without the human resource. However, the human resource is not a fix aspect. Some employees will look for a better position and resign from the company. Some people were fired by the company. People will also retire after reaching a certain age. Anytime an employee leaves the company, there must be a replacement. Now it is time to recruit new employees. And the best way to inform the public is a recruitment ad. You can use these tips in creating a proper recruitment advertisement. Details of the job – Let the people know the job they can get. What job position is currently vacant? It is not enough for just the name of the job. Describe the work and all the things involved on the job. It can give an idea to the applicants on the things they will do for the company. It is also important to include the potential salary. How many people will get hired? – You need to specify how many positions are available. Some companies only need one person. There are also other recruitments that will give jobs to a number of individuals. Applicants are not much interested to struggle on a single vacancy. Meanwhile, applicants will flock on recruitment ads saying that the company will hire multiple individuals.
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Minimum qualifications – Job requirements is also necessary on the recruitment ad. You do not want to interview thousands of people who are not fit for the job. You can limit the required experience, educational background or skills for those who can qualify for the job. This will limit the applicants to qualified people. This is one effective way to screen people without spending energy and resources.
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Steps of the recruitment – Although companies will not provide the exact recruitment process, the recruitment advertisement should at least contain the basic information on what the recruitment process is going to be. Is it only a written exam or combined with an oral interview? This will help applicants prepare and not get nervous during the recruitment. Contact method or recruitment address – A contact number or location for the interview is also important in the advertisement. It will make it easier for anyone interested in the job to contact the company. Phone interview is also another form of recruitment process. Others would directly provide a recruitment address. Schedule for recruitment – The date of recruitment is also an essential information for the applicants. Some recruitment will last for just a day. There is also long recruitment period that lasts for several weeks. Catchphrase to attract potential applicants – You need a good catchphrase to get people interested in your advertisement. This will help increase the number of applicants who are going for the interview. Make sure to consider all of these things when making a recruitment advertisement.

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